“Even as the O.J. jokes get sillier and sillier, the Bros. still toss in photographic evidence that compares Nixon to Trump.”


“A disarming sweetness and a clever, stylized casualness.”
– The NY Times
“Inseparable, they joke about doing mushrooms in front of each other, the joys of watching Deion Sanders music videos, the not-so joys of working, how their favorite wrestler inspired their public school homework, and the silliness of O.J. Simpson & Michael Jackson jokes that still hold up all these years later.”
– The Decider
“Thankfully, for the rest of us, the Lucas Bros decided to take up comedy – which some might say we can attribute to Bret “The Hitman” Hart.
“From Cheech & Chong to Harold & Kumar, the landscape of humor is littered with variations on the theme of weed use leading to outlandish adventures.”
“ As far as their stand-up goes, the brothers’ special confirms that they’re as synced up onstage as they are when creating their other content. On Drugs flows as smoothly and hilariously as any solo hour on Netflix, which shouldn’t be a surprise considering the twins have been working together creatively for more or less their entire lives.”
– LA Weekly
““In a short time….the Lucas Brothers have made a big impact on comedy.”
– Vulture
“It’s sharp, smart, insightful, and hilarious.”
– The Undefeated